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McConnell rips into Obama on student loans--again

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell continued to put pressure on President Barack Obama to find a path to freezing student loan rates. For the third time in four days, McConnell, R-Ky., took to the Senate floor to blast Obama's stance.

The rates will double July 1 unless the two sides agree. They're at odds over how to pay for the changes.

McConnell urged Obama to negotiate.

It has been a week now since the Republican leadership in the Senate and the House sent several good-faith bipartisan proposals to the White House in an effort to resolve the student loan issue.

"What has the White House done? Nothing. The President has yet to respond," he said, to GOP offers of how to pay for the change. "One can only surmise that he’s delaying a solution so that he can fit in a few more campaign rallies with college students while pretending someone other than himself is delaying action."

Obama is giving an education speech in Nevada Thursday.

"Today, the President’s taking time out of his busy fundraising schedule to hold an event at UNLV — where once again he’ll use students as props in yet another speech calling on Congress to act," McConnell said. "What the President won’t tell these students is that the House has already acted and Republicans in both chambers are ready to work on solutions as soon as the President can make the time."