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Entire jury is seated for Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial

The entire jury has been seated for the Jerry Sandusky trial.

A total of 12 jurors and four alternates have been selected to sit for the trial, which is scheduled to move to opening statements Monday.

This has been the second day of jury selection in the case. By the end of the day yesterday, nine had been picked.

Earlier this morning, 12 people were excused from the original pool of 40 mostly for financial hardship. Nine jurors were chosen for the trial on Monday.

During a break in the process, Sandusky joked with the pool reporters covering the selection, "

Here's a look at the three jurors and four alternates selected today:


A white woman in her 50s, who's been an administrative assistant at Penn State for more than four years.


A white woman in her 30s who's a dance teacher in Penn State's continuing education program. She is married with a six-year-old son.


A white woman in her 50s or 60s who has been a Penn State professor for 24 years. She knows former President Graham Spanier and worked on a committee with him and current President Rodney Erickson.


A white woman in her 30s who graduated from Penn State in 2007 with a major in human development. She will be the first alternate juror.


A middle aged woman, married with young children and no ties to Penn State.


A married man in his 50s. His wife is director of Upward Bound. He graduated from Penn State and goes to Penn State football games.


A white woman in her 50s. She has no connection to Penn State. She moved away from the area for 42 years and returned in the past decade.

Other potential jurors were excused today.

Of the original 40 in Tuesday's pool, 10 work for Penn State, eight have volunteered for or have family who volunteered for The Second Mile, and 20 know someone on either the prosecution or defense witness list.

Of the potential defense witnesses, seven are members of the Sandusky family including Jeff Sandusky and E.J. Sandusky.

Judge John Cleland told the jurors the trial could last three weeks and finish the last day of June.

Alissa Milanese, 31, of Bellefonte, walked out after being dismissed. She didn't know why she was ruled out -- she said she could have been fair.

She said she has ties to The Second Mile charity.

"He just sat there like a normal person," she said of Sandusky.

When Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola, entered the courthouse this morning, he was asked by members of the media how he felt about jury selection so far.

"They'll give us a fair shake," Amendola said.

Prosecutor Joe McGettigan was asked the same thing.

"So far, so good," he said.

The first day of jury selection moved along at a steady pace Tuesday. Nine jurors have already been selected. Another seven will be needed to have 12 jurors and four alternates.

The trial of the former Penn State assistant football coach could begin as early as Monday.

CDT reporter Anne Danahy contributed to this report. You can follow her frequent Twitter reports from outside the courthouse at @AnneDanahy.

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