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Jerry Sandusky's lawyers ask Pa. appeals court to delay trial

The day after a judge denied a delay in the Jerry Sandusky case, one of the attorneys has taken the request to a higher state court.

On Thursday, Carlisle-based attorney Karl Rominger filed a petition for review and an application for a stay with the Superior Court in Harrisburg.

Online court docket information doesn’t describe the details of Rominger’s request.

The request came a day after the presiding judge, John Cleland, denied two motions to delay the proceedings. Cleland first denied the defense’s motion to delay jury selection, which starts Tuesday morning, and then denied a defense request to certify the judge’s order to get permission to appeal to a higher court.

Cleland has kept the Sandusky case to a strict schedule, twice before denying motions to delay the case. He did offer a modest delay, pushing back the start from mid-May to the present start date next week.

Opening statements won’t be until as early as June 11, which allows jury selection to last at least four days.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola has indicated he wants to have a jury consultant, but it appears the consultant won’t be ready, which was one of his reasons for the delay that was denied Wednesday.Citing a gag order, Amendola declined comment.