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Bite into juicy, zesty The Greek sandwich from Deli’cious Mischief food truck

The Greek (left) and Basil Bird sandwiches with sweet potato fries from Deli’cious Mischief in Bellingham.
The Greek (left) and Basil Bird sandwiches with sweet potato fries from Deli’cious Mischief in Bellingham.

Name: Deli’cious Mischief, which focuses primarily on sandwiches.

Location: The food truck serves lunch and dinner at a number of locations, including Wander Brewing and Kulshan Brewing in Bellingham. It is closed on Mondays and Fridays. 360-220-3662, on Facebook and at, where its location is posted.

Quick bite: Sean and Corina Collins brought their specialty sandwiches and a taste of southern cooking to Bellingham when they opened their food truck July 4, 2014, with the goal of providing good, simple, flavorful combinations via their rolling deli.

Pair those flavors with beer brewed in Whatcom County and you’ve got a combination that’s hard to beat. Especially since this is beer-absorbing food that’s good eats.

I popped into Wander Brewing one Tuesday for a pint of Shoe Toss Rye IPA (always delicious) for $4.50, and The Greek, one of Deli’cious Mischief’s sandwich specials, for $9.75.

I also couldn’t resist a side of sweet potato fries for $4.50 that were sweet and crispy with flecks of salt. This is a generous portion best for sharing.

The Greek comes with lightly battered and fried chicken breast and fresh arugula cradled in a toasted hoagie roll. It is sauced with a warm artichoke feta and tomato tapenade and a drizzle of Kalamata olive aioli.

The fried chicken was juicy with just the right amount of crunch. The zesty tapenade and peppery arugula nicely balanced the rich aioli and chicken. This was an immensely satisfying sandwich.

A friend was eating the Basil Bird for $9.50, and when I took a bite I wish I had ordered it.

The sandwich was composed of oven-roasted turkey that was sliced deli style, melted provolone cheese, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, red onion, pesto aioli and fresh arugula on a toasted hoagie — all working together for a refreshing burst of flavor.

You might also like ... I’m a fan of their lightly breaded and deep-fried dill pickles, which are warm and sour. And I’ve dived into their over-the-top Chicken Me Waffle, which had two fried chicken breasts paired with shredded cheddar, maple aioli and bacon, and sandwiched between two Belgian waffles. I had to unhinge my jaw to bite into that big boy with its sweet-salty-fatty flavors.

The story of... Before they opened Deli’cious Mischief, Sean and Corina Collins worked together as a yacht captain and stewardess team. Sean Collins, who received his culinary training at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, also cooked. During their nomadic life working on yachts, they served a lot of people from the South, hence the southern flair in their menu offerings that include Bayou Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich, a customer favorite.

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