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Top Dish: Peanut butter and cheese omelet? Give it a try at Semiahmoo's Pierside Kitchen

Name: Pierside Kitchen.

Location: At Semiahmoo Resort, Golf and Spa, 9565 Semiahmoo Parkway. Open for breakfast, brunch and dinner. More information is at and 360-318-2090.

Quick bite: I stopped in at Pierside Kitchen, located on Semiahmoo Spit, one morning after a colleague told me the restaurant’s peanut butter and cheddar cheese omelet was, despite the seemingly odd combination, tasty.

In the mood for something different — and fun — for breakfast, I gave the “PB&C,” one of the restaurant’s specialties, a go. The $13 dish comes with a side of fingerling potatoes that were roasted simply and toast on which I slathered the house-made strawberry jam, full of fruit flavor and not overly sugary.

I cut into the fluffy omelet, and the peanut butter and cheddar oozed out. The honey roasted peanut butter from BelleWood Acres was warm, smooth and salty sweet. The slight tang from the cheddar, when I could taste it, complemented the peanut butter.

This is an omelet for people who love peanut butter. Don’t order it if you’re expecting the diluted flavors of, say, a Thai peanut sauce.

As it was, my taste buds spent the first couple of bites trying to make sense of what I was eating, unaccustomed as I was to the flavor combination. But, like bread, the egg is a backdrop for the other flavors so it’s kind of like eating a grilled peanut butter-cheese sandwich.

By the time my taste buds figured that out, I had eaten half the rich egg dish and was full. If I’d made that connection sooner, I would’ve spread the jam on the omelet.

Well, next time. Then I might ask for bacon on the inside.

Side: Go the traditional route and get the $12 egg sandwich, made with chewy bread, organic egg, pesto aioli, Gruyère cheese and bacon — which goes into the wood-fired oven — with potatoes on the side.

The story of ... You can thank Mark Andrew, the resort’s general manager, for the PB&C. He was living in Charlotte, N.C., at the time. His wife, who was going out of town for the weekend, told him to pick up food for breakfast the next day. He forgot. Faced with three hungry children, he cobbled together breakfast using what was on hand — eggs, cheese, peanut butter.

His kids loved it. “I tried it and it turned out to be really pretty good,” Andrew said. “Since then, I have always had the peanut butter and cheese omelet on the breakfast menus where I have worked and it is always a fun hit. People love to try new foods, and that omelet fits the bill. It not only tastes good, but it will last for hours.”

Ambiance: Casual, or as dressed-up as you want to be. The Pierside is Semiahmoo Resort’s newest restaurant and focuses on local and regional flavors including seafood. It makes full use of the stunning seaside setting, thanks to walls of windows that allow you to look out onto Semiahmoo Bay.

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