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Top Dish: Bellingham’s Mount Bakery serves up rich salmon eggs Benedict

Name: Mount Bakery Café in downtown Bellingham.

Location: 308 W. Champion St. 360-715-2195. There also is a small Fairhaven location at 1217 Harris Ave. 360-778- 1261. Find its baked goods at the Wednesday and Saturday farmers market in Fairhaven and Bellingham respectively.

The eatery has a website at and a Facebook page.

Quick bite: Mount Bakery boldly claims it serves up Bellingham’s best eggs Benedict and after enjoying its Wild Smoked Salmon Benny, I don’t disagree. Each of its four versions comes with two soft-poached eggs and Swiss Emmental cheese over a Belgian waffle and roasted potatoes. The whole thing is topped with Hollandaise sauce.

The $14.95 Wild Smoked Salmon Benny featured pieces of the fish and fresh spinach. The waffle was fluffy with a bit of a crust. The eggs were perfectly poached. The Hollandaise sauce was rich and buttery with a slight tang, and the cheese provided a mildly nutty contrast. The spinach and smoked salmon were a nice counter to the rich sauce.

This was a quivery mass of gooey decadence perfect for a lazy morning, because you’re going to want to take a nap after eating this dish. My one complaint: It was a tad too salty.

Side note: If you’re not in the mood for any of the bakery’s pastries, you can satisfy your sweet tooth -- and get your caffeine fix -- with a moliere, the Mount Bakery version of a mocha. It’s made with Belgian chocolate ganache. Add whipped cream and you’ve got yourself coffee dessert. An 8-ounce moliere costs $3.35.

Ambiance: Casual and comfortable, as it has been since opening in February 2001. This is the kind of place where the utensils don’t match, neither do the dishes, and your friendly waitress could be wearing a Carhartt tool apron.