THEATER: WWU’s Dead Parrots Society host improv troupes from around the country

The Dead Parrots Society, Western Washington University’s improv troupe, presents its final venture of the quarter: The Dead Parrots Society Improv Festival.

Spanning two nights and featuring teams from across North America, including the Upright Citizens Brigade and three current and DPS alumni “blenders,” multiple teams will fill their 20-minute slots with their own unique brand of hilarity at 7 and 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, May 29-30, and 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 31, in WWU’s Old Main Theatre.

Festival passes are $8, which includes entry to every show except the Upright Citizens Brigade show, which costs $5.

Single shows are $3. All tickets are at the door. The schedule:

7 p.m. Friday:

• DPS Blender No. 1

• The Collective, from the University of Washington

• The Bluffoons, from the University of Portland

• Sissy Magic, from Northwestern University

9 p.m. Friday

• DPS Blender No. 2

• Vikes Improv, from the University of Victoria

• Jet City Improv from Seattle

7 p.m Saturday

• DPS Blender No.3

• Tall, Grande, Venti, from California Institute of the Arts

• UBC Improv, from the University of British Columbia

• The Upfront Theatre, from Bellingham

9 p.m. Saturday

• The Upright Citizens Brigade

8:30 p.m. Sunday

• Senior G'bye show

Details: http://www.thedeadparrotssociety.com