MUSIC: Vancouver ukulele showman Ralph Shaw at Mount Baker Theatre’s Encore Room

Ralph Shaw of Vancouver, B.C., is a showman with a style inspired by British Music Hall. A gifted songwriter and a witty raconteur with an infectious joy of performing, Shaw’s songs bring characters and situations to life with brilliant wordplay.

Shaw performs at 4 p.m. Saturday, April 25, at Mount Baker Theatre’s Encore Room, 104 N. Commercial St., hosted by Bellingham Ukulele Group.

Whether he’s singing about a village vicar or a brothel handyman, or embodying an evil cat, his hilarious and sometimes tender songs thrill audiences with music and laughter. As well as performing at ukelele clubs and international festivals, Shaw leads a monthly get-together of 140-plus ukulele players in Vancouver.

Before his performance, he will lead a workshop at 2 p.m. in the Encore Room. He says the decade that gave the world doo-wop, calypso, Elvis, The Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly will provide the material for the workshop.

Cost for the workshop is $25; cost for the concert is $10. Advance tickets are at the downtown Community Food Co-op and 360-733-6867. Details: Bellingham Ukulele Group on Facebook.