ART: Traveling exhibit now at WWU looks at War of 1812

Western Washington University’s Heritage Resources and the Center for Canadian-American Studies are co-hosting a traveling exhibit commemorating the recent bicentennial of the War of 1812.

Curated by the Canadian War Museum and delivered to Western through the Canadian Consulate in Seattle, “1812” presents a new and dramatic account of the war as seen through the eyes of its Canadian, American, British, and First Peoples participants.

As a complement to the exhibit, WWU history professor Jared Hardesty will give a talk exploring how the war was not only important in American history, but also significant in defining the cultural differences between the United States and Canada. His talk is at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 15, at WWU’s Wilson Library’s special collections on the sixth floor.

By examining the men and women who participated in the conflict, Hardesty will demonstrate how the war helped create a Canadian identity that was in conversation with, yet separate from, the emerging United States. In essence, his talk will explain how the war gave the American-Canadian border meaning beyond a mere political boundary.

Details: 360-650-3193, 360-650-2829, http://library.wwu.edu/specialcollections.