BOOKS: Bestselling author J.A. Jance shares her latest ‘Ali Reynolds’ mystery Sunday, March 29, at Village Books

Bestselling author J.A. Jance shares her latest “Ali Reynold” mystery, “Cold Betrayal,” at 4 p.m. Sunday, March 29, at Village Books, 1200 11th St.

Heroine Ali Reynolds goes head-to-head with a shadowy polygamous cult called The Family when a young pregnant woman escapes its clutches and turns up in the outside world. When the woman is hit by a car on a remote road near Flagstaff, Ariz., Sister Anselm, a formidable Taser-toting nun and patient-advocate, rushes to the hospital bedside of the unconscious victim and newborn baby.

A volatile confrontation soon reveals that the young mother was a runaway from The Family, which offers no mercy to those who try to leave its ranks. Ali and Sister Anselm must race against the clock to uncover secrets that The Family has kept hidden for so long, before more young girls face a similar fate.

Jance is the New York Times bestselling author of the “Ali Reynolds” series, the “J.P. Beaumont” series, the “Joanna Brady series” and four interrelated Southwestern thrillers featuring the Walker family. She lives with her husband and their dog, Bella, in Seattle and Tucson, Ariz.

More on her at jajance.com.