BOOKS: ‘Seeing Comics Through the Lens of History’

T. Andrew Wahl explores comic book heroes through the lens of a scholar in a Humanities Washington interactive and multimedia presentation called “Seeing Comics Through the Lens of History,” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, at Burlington Public Library, 820 E. Washington Ave.

Wahl focuses on how historical events and shifting social mores can be seen in the evolution of characters from Wonder Woman to Spider-Man.

Using audience members’ memories as a springboard, he connects comic book superheroes, and the occasional villain, to historical topics, including war, the advancement of civil rights, and the societal impacts of technology.

Wahl, who heads the journalism program at Everett Community College, has read more than 20,000 comic books, and owns more than 200,000 pages of historical and primary source documents related to the comic book industry. He is the editor and publisher of the online magazine SequentialReaction.com, and has studied what’s called the “Bronze Age” of the American comic book, a period covering roughly 1970 to 1985, as part of his master’s degree studies in the humanities at Fort Hays State University in Kansas.

For details on the free event, call 360-755-0760 or see burlingtonwa.gov/library.