Event: Award-winning writer Ian Weir talks about his latest novel Feb. 17 at Village Books

North Carolina-born Ian Weir is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and novelist who lives in Canada and holds dual citizenship.

He will share his second historical novel, “Will Starling,” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17, at Village Books, 1200 11th St.

Weir’s first novel, “Daniel O’ Thunder,” was named one of the top historical novels of 2011 by Library Journal and was a finalist for four awards. “Will Starling” is a fictional account by the titular character of Regency surgeons, grave robbers, and resurrected corpses in 1816 London.

Starling, a 19-year-old foundling, returns from the Continent having spent five years assisting military surgeon Alec Comrie. Cocky, charming and damaged, Starling is helping Comrie build a civilian practice – and a life – in London’s rough Cripplegate area. That means entering into an uneasy alliance with the Doomsday Men: grave robbers who supply London’s surgeons and anatomists with cadavers for dissection.

As Starling pursues rumors and whispers surrounding the popular surgeon Dionysus Atherton, he is thrust into a desperate search for the truth that takes him through brothels and charnel houses full of skeletal remains, and the mansions of Mayfair, only to discover he is more closely tied to the events than he originally thought.