Artist Profile: Ron Falcone portrays father dealing with son’s death in ‘Rabbit Hole’ at Claire vg Thomas Theatre

Ron Falcone, 46, hasn’t been on stage for a few years, but on Thursday, Feb. 5, he’s one in a cast of five in Lynden Performing Arts Guild’s production of the adult drama “Rabbit Hole,” opening at Claire vg Thomas Theatre in Dutch Village Mall. The play is directed by Shawn Fuller and runs through Feb. 22.

Here’s more about Falcone.

Question: Where did you grow up?

Answer: I was born in Glendale, Calif., and grew up in Newbury Park. I attended Moorpark College, where I began my acting. While in the Navy I completed my bachelor’s degree in business administration through the University of Phoenix.

Q: What brought you to Whatcom County?

A: Moving to Washington state was really a leap of faith, and unknowingly fulfilling a dream that my wife always had as her parents grew up here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else again, I love it here.

Q: What’s your day job?

A: I work for Washington’s lottery, as well as serve as a pastor of Living Fountain Fellowship in Ferndale.

Q: What do you like about them?

A: The great thing about both jobs is the aspect of being around so many different types of personalities and experiencing the beauty of diversity.

Q: How did you become interested in being on stage?

A: I first became interested in performing by way of school performances, church plays and dramas. I have a passion to sing and I love music and believe that my voice is not horrible, but could probably use some coaching.

Q: Any memorable experiences?

A: This will be my first performance in several years, but I have fond memories of several different shows, the most memorable being Mitch in “A Streetcar Named Desire” at Moorpark College.

Some of my funnest times in acting have to involve parts with a lot of humor, and where I am so opposite with anything or anyone could possibly be. In a play I did called “My Dysfunctional Family Christmas,” I played the role of Uncle Larry, who thought he was Elvis, and so my role consisted of curling my lip and singing like Elvis and shaking my hips a lot. It was a blast.

Q: Why do you enjoy theater?

A: Being on stage is amazing in the sense of the incredible art that it is to express the beauty of the human nature, as well as its dysfunction, and just have fun doing it.

Q: How did you became involved in “Rabbit Hole?”

A: As strange as it may sound, I felt driven to audition for the part in “Rabbit Hole” not necessarily with the expectation of garnering a role but simply being there and being part of a production.

With my kids having just finished the Christmas performance — “A Christmas Story: The Musical” —and wanting to audition with them for that play, but could not because of a foot injury which led to surgery, I was there every performance and fell in love with the atmosphere and people at the Claire vg Thomas Theatre.

Q: What’s the show about?

A: This show can appeal to so many different people because of its very raw nature and the idea of how honest the characters are in dealing with such a tragedy and that is its endearing trait. I truly hope that people walk away from the show understanding that it is OK to hurt, but that there is hope and light in moving forward.

It’s about a family that as the playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire, puts it, “must maneuver through their grief and around each other as best they can” as a result of the accidental death of the young son, with each family member having to come to grips with the tragedy in their own way and learning to grow beyond that.

Q: Are you similar to your character?

A: Howie is an intelligent man who loves his wife but misses the intimacy that they once had and struggles with letting go of the memory of his son. Like most men in this world, Howie is simply trying to fix things, even things he shouldn’t, such as his wife, and still clinging to any memory of his son.

Am I like my character? I would struggle to say yes and find it difficult to say no, as I can relate as many people will as well. Nobody desires to face such a loss, making it difficult to truly know how you would in fact cope under the circumstances.

The characters are real and relatable, and present for the audience not perfection, but a genuine and pure attempt at making it out of their “Rabbit Hole.”

Q: What do you enjoy in your leisure time?

A: I love spending time with my family, camping, sports, movies and theater, singing along to my music that spans from classical to hard rock. I am working on my doctorate degree in family counseling, and hope to find time to be part of many more shows.

I am so fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family cheering me on.