Just like Romeo and Juliet: But with music!

Dylan Kane and Katherine Fisher play the leads in “Romeo and Juliet: The Musical,” Friday, Jan. 30, through Feb. 15 at Lincoln Theatre, 712 S. First St., in Mount Vernon.

Set to the original words of William Shakespeare, the new show features music composed, orchestrated and conducted by music director Conrad Askland, the music director for “Rock of Ages” and the international dance hit “Burn the Floor” with NCL New York. He’s also the former music director for “Cirque Du Soleil” and the composer of the musicals “Witches!” and “Pan”).

The cast of more than 30 is accompanied by a live orchestra. The play is directed by Joe Bowen and presented by META Performing Arts.

Tickets are $10 to $22. Details: 360-336-8955, lincolntheatre.org.