MTBTZ blends original dance music with 3-D displays at Wild Buffalo

MTBTZ, aka Meaty Beats, began as a side project for the Bellingham DJ duo, The Dixon Boyz (Jaderade and Scotty Mo); however, the side project soon transformed into the Boyz’ true passion. They teamed with Matt R. to add a new element to the group. Already a Bellingham legend in the art of stage production, Matt added live, beat-matched 3-D projected images.

They perform a free show at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 8, at the Wild Buffalo, 208 W. Holly St.

MTBTZ’s upbeat and original dance music and visual displays caught the ears and eyes of Bellingham music lovers and began to trickle its way down to Seattle. Even before establishing themselves as “true Seattleites,” MTBTZ began booking some of the most popular venues in Seattle, including The Baltic Room, Fred’s Wildlife Refuge and The Woods.

Now frequently performing in Seattle, MTBTZ has had the privilege of performing with local Seattle DJs, as well as thought leaders of the industry, including TJ Davis, Bassnectar’s touring video jockey. While listening to electrifying music resounding through the speakers, combined with sensational 3-D light shows matched to the beat, be prepared for a journey where the only tools you need are your eyes, ears and dance moves.

Steezy Deezy and Shadow Variable open. Details: wildbuffalo.net.