Three writers share poems about Bellingham

Charles Luckmann, Tim Pilgrim and Paul Piper share poems from their book, “Bellingham Poems,” at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 14, at Village Books, 1200 11th St.

Whether it’s a peek at Clayton Beach’s naked sunbathers or the aroma of poached salmon and ancient stories found in Salish baskets, “Bellingham Poems” gives readers an intimate portrait from three distinctly different poets who have lived for years with such local images.

“Here are poems of special places and special people,” says Molly McNulty, executive director of the Skagit River Poetry Foundation.

Chuck Luckmann received his master’s degree at Western Washington University and currently teaches English at Skagit Valley College. His poems have appeared in Jeopardy, Sqajet, Crosscurrents and the 2010 Skagit River Poetry Festival Anthology. He is co-author of “Voices along the Skagit,”and “X Stories: The Personal Side of fragile X syndrome,” with Paul Piper.

Piper received his master’s degree at the University of Montana and is currently a librarian at Western Washington University. He has published five books of poetry, the most recent being “Dogs and Other Poems,” and his poems are included in the anthologies “The New Montana Story,” “Tribute to Orpheus,” “America Zen,” and “Shadow and Light.”

Tim Pilgrim is a native Montanan and associate professor emeritus at Western Washington University. His work is included in “Idaho’s Poetry: A Centennial Anthology” and has been accepted by such journals as Cirque, Seattle Review and Windfall.