Show by performance artist GlamFish includes music, auction, face paint and a few surprises

"Balance: a One Fish Cabaret" is a show that explore the lines between performer and person, identity and expression, physical and mental stability, and what can and can't be done.

Bellingham-born Sebastian Blair GlamFish will present the show Friday, March 28, at the Cirque Lab (home of the Bellingham Circus Guild), 1401 Sixth St., featuring dance, music, body paint and a few surprises.

Food, face painting, live music and a silent action will start at 7 p.m.; the show will begin at 8.

Tickets are $12; or $10 if you call ahead at 360-920-8685. A "Starving Artist" discount offers tickets on a sliding scale down to $5.

The show is meant for adults and mature teens. To learn more, email shwalup@gmail.com.

Here's more about the performance and about GlamFish, who is 17.

Question: How did you become involved with Bellingham Circus Guild?

Answer: I originally became involved with the circus through a kids' class at age 12, I started ballet at Pacific Dance Company at age 4 and I started spinning poi (swinging tethered weights in a symmetrical pattern, usually with fire) at age 6'ish.

Q: Who are some of your mentors?

A: Some of the most important people in my artistic career thus far include Eleise Kerman, Caleb Kors and my good friend Strangely, all of whom are great inspirations to my artistic state-of-being.

Q: What's your performance-art about?

A: I perform in much more than just circus and Circus Guild-related shows. The main thing I do is write songs and play a ukulele. I first got onstage through ballet at age 4.

In the circus specifically, I consider myself to be a "multi-media theatricalist," using skills from my dance, poi, and musical and theater background to produce my stage character, The GlamFish.

Q: What's this show about?

A: The concept of my show came from an act that I did back in the spring of 2013 to Amanda Palmer's "From St. Kilda to Fitzroy" (which can be found at facebook.com/theglamfish).

I named the act "Balance."

"Balance: a One Fish Cabaret" will include live music from Levi Madison, face painting from Chelle Beautiful Face and Body Painting, free baked goods (vegan options available), a silent auction (including your only chance to buy my book of bedtime stories, "The Boy Who Cried Misandry and Other Third Wave Feminist Bedtime Tales," and lots of my stencil art, patches, hand-made poi, poi lessons) and, of course, the show.

Q: How about school?

A: I am unschooled through the Alger Learning Center. I will pretty much be graduating once this show is out of the way.

Q: What are your plans?

A: In the summer of 2015 I plan to head off on a yearlong European tour. I plan on attending as many fringe festivals as possible and I hope to book this show at some of those festivals. I will also have an album to pitch and possibly a book to pitch as well.

I hope to establish myself as a punk-cabaret star. There will probably be a Kickstarter, or several, within the next year or so, I'll also be working quite a lot.

The show I'm producing right now is on literally no budget. I haven't bought anything new for the show (minus maybe a pair of dance tights) and the space and everything else is being paid for by ticket sales and auction bids, so it would be interesting to see what I can do with a budget.