Options for safe rides home after a night on the town in Bellingham

Getting home safely after a night that includes an adult beverage or two can sometimes present complications, especially if you drove your car downtown and had more to drink than you intended.

If money is no issue, give Sober Rovers a call and they will come find you on their collapsible scooters that fit in the trunk of your car.

The husband-and-wife taxi squad, Designated Drivers, can also get you and your car home, caravan style.

If you planned ahead and left your car at home, Blue Cab is the bartenders' recommendation for taxi of choice when it comes to quick and friendly cab service.

Any of these offer reliable and safe ways home with friendly service during your ride:


Blue Cab

$2 per mile plus $2.50 drop rate


Blue Cab is a traditional taxi service. With a three-to-four-vehicle weeknight fleet and 24-hour service Blue Cab provides reliable rides to and from the bars.

The phone number for Blue Cab was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.


$10 to $31 based on distance


For the price of a typical two-way cab ride, Sober Rovers will ride a scooter to your car, pack their scooter in your trunk and safely drive you home in your car.


$3 plus $2.25 per mile


Designated Drivers provides a solution to leaving your car behind. The husband-and-wife duo make the rounds on weekend nights and are often available on short notice.