Q: Where is your band from?

Bellingham & Seattle, WA.

Q: Who is in the band and what role does each person have?

Jordan Stead - Lead vocals; bass.Julian Rue - Vocals, guitar.Luke Knezevich - Drums.

Q: What brought the band together and when?

We were brought together for a recording project for audio students at Western Washington University in 2008.

Q: What genre, of music do you classify your band as?

Fusion of hard rock and melodic metal.

Q: What inspires your music?

A relentless drive to get out creative energy.

Q: Who or what influences your band's sound?

The general lack of anything musically ballsy in Bellingham tends to infuriate us to the point of musical creation. There are exceptions in the scene, but few and far between.

Where have you toured?

Hoping to as soon as possible. In previous bands, all members have gigged around the Seattle area.

How many albums have you released?

We're currently writing an EP and working on getting recorded around Bellingham, WA.

Q: Where do you see your band going in the future?

On tour - it's that simple.

Q: What are the highs and lows in your band's history?

So far so good - the only hitch we've run into thus far is the lack of all-ages music venues and ease of booking around Bellingham.

Q: You're stuck on a deserted island and forced to listen to one album for eternity. What album would you pick?

*Too many, but...

Jordan - Sirens / It Dies Today

Julian - Are You Experienced? / Jimi Hendrix

Luke - Sacrament / Lamb of God

Q: Your favorite piece of musical gear?

Julian - Gibson Les Paul

Jordan - Edens halfstack

Luke - Rack-mounted TAMA kit

Q: If your band was a drink, what would it be and why?Double-shot of 151, as stemmed from our affinity for hard-hitting breakdowns.

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