Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor at the Wild Buffalo on Friday January 9, 2009.
Snug Harbor at the Wild Buffalo on Friday January 9, 2009.

Stephen Blair of Snug Harbor took some time away from his music to answer our band Q&A on behalf of local Bellingham Band Snug Harbor.


Band Name

Snug Harbor

Where is your band from?

Bellingham, WA

Who is in the band and what role does each person have?






Will-Trumpet D


What brought the band together and when?

Mutual friends getting together to jam

What genre, of music do you classify your band as?

Funk with some jazz in the mix.

What inspires your music?

Deep grooves. People dancing.

Who or what influences your band's sound?

One another

Where have you toured?

We've only played Bellingham

How many albums have you released?

One very underground EP, self titled

Where do you see your band going in the future?

To the promised land.

What are the highs and lows in your band's history?

Playing with out thinking/ego is a great high, and trying to sort out creative differences can be a difficult low.

You're stuck on a deserted island and forced to listen to one album for eternity. What album would you pick?

Who has a power supply on a deserted island?I speak for myself in saying "Fat Albert Rotunda" by Herbie Hancock

Your favorite piece of musical gear:

Again I speak for myself... black fender jazz bass geddy model.

If your band was a drink, what would it be and why?

Water.. its just so simple.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/snugharbormusic