The Knowgooders

The Knowgooders music is influenced by the living in the northwest, controlled substances and the local hip-hop scene.

Where is your band from?

The Belly.

Who is in the band and what role does each person have?

Matt the Wolf - lyricistCo-production Chance Random - part time lyricist, beatmaker, producer, engineer

What brought the band together and when?

A mutual friend with a beat cd of Chance's... a little more than a year ago.

What genre, of music do you classify your band as?


What inspires your music?

Other music and the world around us.

Who or what influences your band's sound?

Living in the Northwest, controlled substances, the local hip-hop scene, et cetera.

Where have you toured?

No touring as of yet (book us!) but we've played shows everywhere in Bellingham and some house parties in Seattle.

How many albums have you released?

Two releases: Demo (listen) and A Glimpse of Something Greater

Where do you see your band going in the future?

Up, up and away...

What are the highs and lows in your band's history?

Being too faded to remember lyrics at a semi-formal event (low) and opening for Josh Martinez (high)

You're stuck on a deserted island and forced to listen to one album for eternity. What album would you pick?

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

Your favorite piece of musical gear:

SM58 stage mic

If your band was a drink, what would it be and why?

Vodka Redbull.. we never sleep until everything is over.

Web site: www.reverbnation.com/theknowgooders

Myspace: myspace.com/knowgooders