Yes We Are

Yes We Are loves playing shows and giving people a good time. If you're interested in us, even just in general, contact us! We would love to play a show with whoever wherever.

Question: What is your band name?

Answer: Yes We Are

Where is your band from?: Bellingham, WA!

Q: Who is in the band and what role does each person have?

A: Maple: Vocals/GuitarJohn: Keys Max: Drums Gordon: GuitarRobin: Bass

Q: What brought the band together and when?

A: Boredom. In the summer of 2007, Robin and Gordon sought out to start a project with Max. John joined and eventually, after searching for vocalists, Maple became a member. It really all started with a late-night revelation.

Q:What genre, of music do you classify your band as?

A: Indie/Pop/Rock/Danse

Q: What inspires your music?

A: High School, Friends, Other Bands, Angst.

Q: Who or what influences your band's sound?

A: NoFi, Mark, U.S.E., Fighter X, Bellingham, John.

Q: Where have you toured?

A: Haha. Bellingham?

Q: How many albums have you released?

A:One and a half demos and one full-length album. The full demo is called "Demo." The album is titled "Be Happy."

Q: Where do you see your band going in the future?

A: South. We love playing at home, but recently, we have been pursuing playing further south. Seattle, Burlington, Redmond. We'll see what happens.

Q: What are the highs and lows in your band's history?A: When Robin left was definitely a low. Also, emails suck. A high is getting press, playing more shows, having fans, and being booked in Seattle.

Q: You're stuck on a deserted island and forced to listen to one album for eternity. What album would you pick?

A: "This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About" by Modest Mouse.

Q: Your favorite piece of musical gear

A: MicroKorg

Q: If your band was a drink, what would it be and why?

A: Haha. Water? We're very pure people. Our music is also pretty simple. Our personalities are not, so in that case I guess it would be Organic Water - if that exists. :D