Rise N Shine Band

Rise N Shine Band originated from Orcas Island and has brought there unique sound to Bellingham.

Question: Who is in the band?

Answer: Rise N Shine: Adam Luft (lead vocals/conga player), Kurtis Parsons (drummer/vocals), Eric Woodruff (guitar), Chris Sanders (bassist)

Q: Where is everyone from?

Orcas Island

Q: How long has the band been together?

A: Three years

Q: What genre of music does your band fall in too?

A: Sublime, 311, reggae/punk/hip hop

Q: Do you have any albums? Any albums on the way?

A: Demo is cut and on the market, Full album has been recorded and is expected to be released this summer.

Q: What venues have you played at?

A: Night Lite, Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar, Callaloo, Rogue, Hot Shotz, China Pearl (San Juan Island), The Grange (Orcas Island), Maggie Otooles (Tacoma), Oddfellows hall (Orcas Island), University Ave (seattle), The Lower (Orcas Island), Boundary Bay.......

Q: What is your inspiration?

A: Island inspiration...aves, ocean, sand, Island living

Q: What musicians have influenced your music?

A: 311, sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Dave Mathews

Q: What do you think about the Bellingham music scene?

A: We love Bellingham...The music scene seems to have been on the decline...With major venues like the 3B and the Night Lite lounge closing....... We think its a reflection of the economy and the administration that has been running America for the last 8 years not allowing us to give room for good local music. Rise N Shine would like to be a positive change in negative times........ The people of Bellingham need good music, and we want to play for all ages and all people.

Q: What brought the band together?

A: We already had a very gifted lyricist (Adam Luft) who has very high energy, and writes all his own stuff. He has organized hip-hop clubs, been in other hip-hop groups, and has a wide range in his vocals which sets him aside of most other rap groups. Eric Woodruff (lead guitarist) has been playing funky rifts, and very gifted since he was 14. So we had two very gifted positions, and we needed the bassist and drums to be filled... I went and bought a drum set and I needed to pick up most of the slack, because it had been years since I played.. We practiced a lot and had to try out a couple of different bassists, until a long time friend, Chris Sanders, an Orcas Island resident, decided to show his dedication, and in the beginning, that's all we really needed was dedication and a good attitudes. We new the sound would slowly come together with practice as long as we had dedication. We all are Orcas Island long term residents. With a lot of dedication and band bonding time, the sound has finally come together, and since the New Year we have been booked every weekend. Island Sounds, with a driving beat that will make everyone in the club move!!!!

Q: Where do we see our band going in the future?

A: We hope to be doing a west coast tour...From Canada down the coast to Mexico. A Japan tour is our dream!