Black Eyes and Neckties rock the horror

Black Eyes and Neckties
Black Eyes and Neckties COURTESY

Complete with bloodied, torn clothes and dark menacing circles under their eyes, Bellingham horror rock band Black Eyes and Neckties is definitely a staple in the local music scene.

Formed in 2002, Black Eyes is set to release its new album locally on Halloween with plans for a national release some time in 2008. The album will be out on Clickpop Records and is being recorded at Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, Ore.

The previous album, "Stiletto" was released in 2004 on New Regard Media, and is packed full of sinister tunes, such as the classic "Walk Like a Zombie" and "Tonight, Death Soars." Subjects cover everything from zombies, love and death to werewolves.

The band first came together to play one show on Halloween of 2002, and just kept going. Members (whose monikers speak for themselves) are Bradley Horror on vocals, Davey Crypt on drums, Ryan Cadaver on guitar, Josh Homicide on guitar, Rich "The Fist" on bass and Brenda Grimm on keys.

Black Eyes always puts on a rowdy live show. The band played the last show at Chiribin's in July and tore the place to pieces, literally: the show ended with a guitar through the wall.

Black Eyes has two shows scheduled for Halloween, an early show at the Old Foundry with the Braille Tapes and The Wastelanders starting at 7 p.m.; and a late show at the Nightlight Lounge with The Russians and Honeymoon's Over. The band will also play a few shows with The Trucks in the fall.

To keep posted on where they'll be, go to myspace.com/blackeyesandneckties.