Karate Kitchen releases first album

With members coming together in September 2006, local band Karate Kitchen recently released its first album, "Good Morning Sunset." The album was recorded with Chris Vita in Bellingham at Skeleton Coast, and put out on the West of January label.

Members are Rodger Brown on drums, Shawn Turnbull on bass, Shea Isely on guitar and backing vocals and Joe Metzger lead vocals and guitar.

The band went on tour for two weeks over the summer, traveling down the I-5 corridor to Santa Cruz, Calif., and back, playing 11 shows along the way.

Karate Kitchen came together as pieces of other bands: Isley and Brown played in Sweaty Sweaters, and Metzger and Turnbull played together in a band that has since broken up. Karate Kitchen likes to listen to other local bands — faves include Go Slowpoke, Yes Oh Yes, The Lovelights and Yogoman Burning Band.

Since members of the band have been traveling, it’s been a challenge to play shows. But there will be a surprise show before Metzger takes off for Mexico in the fall. He leaves on Oct. 2, so look out for a Karate Kitchen show before then. As of now, the plans are being kept secret.

For more info, check out myspace.com/karatekitchen.