The Univores looking for all-ages venues

The Univores
The Univores COURTESY

The Univores hasn't been playing together for long but is already dealing with the struggle of being made up of, well, high schoolers. With only a few all-ages venues in Bellingham, The Univores is limited in finding places to play.

The current Univores — drummer Jae Bergeron, 15; guitarist and vocalist Riviere, 15; and bassist Aaron Noice, 16 — are currently talking with Murder Mountain, a local indie label, about recording an album.

The band adopted its name from a band that included the father of a friend of Ezra Riviere.

They're planning to record about 10 songs. Each member of The Univores brings his own personal style to the sound; Riviere, originally from Vancouver, B.C., adds a little experimental jazz, reggae and ska, and Bergeron, also from Vancouver, brings a mesh of influences from jazz to surf.

Keep an eye out for upcoming shows as The Univores work to get some booked. Check them out at myspace.com/theunivores.