The Trucks just wanna have fun

The Trucks are four women on the move, and if you're in the crowd for one of their shows, no doubt you'll be moving, too. The highly danceable electro-pop band sings about sex, dancing and everything in between, and they do it in style.

The band came together in Bellingham in 2003, and their self-titled album came out in 2006. The fierce foursome is Marissa Moore on vocals, keyboard and xylophone, Kristin Allen-Zito on vocals and keyboard, Faith Reichel on bass and vocals and Lindy McIntyre on drums, though they are always interested in trying new instruments.

After performing at this year's Bumbershoot festival in Seattle, the ladies are heading out on tour for about a month and a half and are hoping to record a new album next year. Don't miss the mischievously catchy lyrics, '80s-inspired keyboards and sly sense of humor from this energetic and highly entertaining band.