What’s in a name? Blood, guts, torture — and personality

Creating your roller girl name is serious business.

“It took me a really long time to come up with — as every girl will say,” says Camille Kain, 26.

The Bellingham resident wanted to call herself Necro Nancy. But that name already was taken. And so, sadly, was Bettie Kruger.

She knew because roller girls check an international registry of names to make sure they’re not filching another’s name, and identity.

Eventually, Kain settled on Lady Blackheart, inspired by a black heart tattoo on her body.The search for the perfect name is part of roller girl lore.

“We get to design an alter ego and become on the track who we want to be off the rink. And that’s really fun,” says Suzy Everson, 30, who helped found the new all-women Bellingham Roller Betties.

Everson skates as Nottie A. Saiwant because, in real life, she doesn’t get to be. “I’m really on good behavior a lot of time. And I like the word naughty. It’s a fun word to say. Playing derby, I am ‘naughty as I want.’”

Bellingham resident Heather Davidson, 27, skates as Lucinda Streets, a nod to the years she spent when she left home at 15 and lived on the streets.

Melissa Julwan, 38, a Texas resident who skates as Melicious for the Hotrod Honeys team, remembers how hard it was to find the perfect persona.

“Off the track, I’m a nerd, I’m a writer, I play classical piano. I’ve never played a team sport before and I’m not really aggressive. I wanted a name that would inspire me to be different than I am in my real life,” says the author of “Roller Girl: Totally True Tales from the Track.”

So she created Melicious, a “mash up of Melissa and delicious.”

“It’s the me if I was a dream girl version of myself,” she says during a telephone interview.

That alter ego inspires Betties like Sorrell Joshua, 31, who played off chaos theory when she named herself Chaos Fury.

“When I’m skating, I’m not Sorrell, I’m Chaos Fury. Chaos Fury wears skirts and nylons, Sorrell doesn’t do that.”

Go to www.twoevils.org/rollergirls to find a list of registered roller girl names. You can generate your own for fun at www.rollergirlthebook.com/name_generator.

Here are the alter egos of some of the other Bellingham Roller Betties:

Wanda Piecamee

Suzy Seamripper

Sheeza Brickhouse

Scarlette Massacre


Pimpin’ D’Longstockins


Messa Trouble

Mandy Pain

JonBenet RamsYa’

Indy Nile

Hot Snotty

Helen Damnation

Glam O. Ramma

Frida Smashya

Dr. Ruthless

Diane Goughtahell

Dehlia Dirty

Debbie d. Railer


Beretta Garbo

Bawdy Maudy

Autumn Atticweapon