New trail with great views in "Issaquah Alps"

Our backyard is filled with endless possibilities for half-day hikes during the summer. But during winter, Seattleites who don't hibernate are pretty predictable. Many hit the lowland trails around Tiger, Cougar and Squak mountains until the high country thaws out by late spring.


Wina Sturgeon: Important steps to recover from overtraining

Everyone with the discipline to maintain a regular training program knows the positive ways it changes their body. They lose fat, they get stronger, with more energy, and muscles get attractively bigger and more toned. But what about the negatives? How do you know when you're overdoing it?


How to live a healthier lifestyle

I've always gone through ebbs and flows with my body. I've tried every crash diet and trendy workout craze, only to come to the same conclusion every time: It's not for me. When it came down to it, I hated working out, and I loathed restricting myself even more. I love food. I wasn't willing to give that up just to shed a couple pounds.


Tricks to perfect running form

Although I disagree with the idea that your body will find its best form if you run enough, there's no denying that your form will probably improve naturally as you get more experienced. As you get fitter, you're more likely to feel smoother. You'll learn how to better carry yourself so that you get through your increased mileage without cramping or tightness. So, if you're relatively new to running or only run few miles a couple of times a week, upping your mileage will eventually lead to better form.

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