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Whatcom Museum center of centennial events
160458-54142-thumb.jpgMany Bellingham Centennial events will be held at Whatcom Museum of History & Art. [full story]

Winter storms leave chilly memories
160470-54152-thumb.jpgnow is quite an event in Bellingham, whether it's a dusting that melts within the hour or a blizzard that shuts down the city for days. But most of the real damage comes when melting snow fills drains, streams and rivers to overflowing. [full story]

Six Western Washington earthquakes to remember
160472-54153-thumb.jpgFeb. 28, 2001: magnitude 6.8, centered near Olympia. Caused several hundred thousand dollars damage to buildings in Whatcom County, and more than $50 million damage in Western Washington. [full story]

Olympic pipeline disaster spurred changes
160473-54154-thumb.jpgn June 10, 1999, Bellingham residents were literally shaken by the fiery explosion of the Olympic pipeline when it ruptured and spilled 276,000 gallons of gasoline into Whatcom and Hannah creeks. [full story]

Early residents had choice of hospitals
160490-54172-thumb.jpghe little black bag carried by many doctors in the early 1900s didn't have much for what ails you. [full story]

Chew your food and ... and avoid the flu
160492-54173-thumb.jpgach fall, dutiful people all over Whatcom County trudge into a doctor's office, clinic or even the local grocery store to receive their annual flu shot. Elderly and infirm folks are particularly encouraged to get immunized against the season's more serious strains of the flu. [full story]

First Lady attended baptism
160512-54194-thumb.jpgIn 1956, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt came to St. Paul's Episcopal Church to attend the baptism of Hall Randolph Walker, the 4-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Walker. Roosevelt was Mrs. Walker's aunt and the child's godmother.[full story]

Residents sought weekend solace at parks
160513-54196-thumb.jpgt's tempting to think of Bellingham in 1903 as a young settlement, sweetly reclined at the foot of giant evergreens, daintily dipping her virgin toes in the pristine waters of Bellingham bay. [full story]

City sports developed home-grown base
160514-54198-thumb.jpghile the geography of Whatcom County has helped amateur athletics thrive, with skiing, biking and water sports putting the area on the map, there's also been plenty of professional sports. Some of the legendary figures in Pacific Northwest athletics made their name in Bellingham - national titles have been won, trends have been set. [full story]

Theaters added culture to growing city
160515-54200-thumb.jpgs the 20th century began, leaders of the town of Whatcom were anxious to create a little sophistication in their frontier community. They turned to Jacob Beck, a German immigrant who had become a successful Whatcom businessman by 1900. [full story]

Prostitution had a place in the city - and its budget
160521-54205-thumb.jpgottie Roth's "History of Whatcom County" fills nearly 1,000 pages, but never mentions the "world's oldest profession." [full story]

Mt. Baker Marathon inspired Ski to Sea
160528-54217-thumb.jpgack in 1911, an irate 1,800-pound bull caused quite a commotion at the new Mount Baker Marathon. [full story]

Bellingham slowly regaining diversity
160536-54230-thumb.jpgellingham's population was whiter in 1980 than 77 years earlier, when Fairhaven and Whatcom merged to form the city. [full story]

Hispanics came for work, stayed to build futures
160537-54231-thumb.jpghe history of non-Indians in the Pacific Northwest is rich with Spanish explorers, fishers, cowboys and others. [full story]

Early Asian workers faced mob violence
160538-54233-thumb.jpgn 1885, local civic leaders waged a successful campaign to drive Chinese residents out of town, and celebrated their going with a torchlight parade. [full story]

Few blacks settled in Whatcom Co.
160539-53839-thumb.jpgestern Washington University had one other black professor in 1961, when Thaddeus Spratlen came to teach there. He was surprised to hear that the 1960 census reported 22 black residents in all of Bellingham. [full story]

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