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Brisk debate preceded consolidation
160459-54143-thumb.jpgBellingham beats out Whathaven as new name [full story]

Changing addresses without moving
160461-54144-thumb.jpgecoming one city made it a lot easier for some Bellingham folks to remember their mailing address. For example, Ella Higginson, the noted poet, said she'd lived in four towns without even moving. [full story]

At work, at play: A day in the life 1903
160463-54145-thumb.jpg family on Bellingham Bay could rightly think the future looked bright. [full story]

Highlights of 1903
160465-54146-thumb.jpg• The Alaskan frontier was settled. [full story]

Fairhaven: From boom to bust and back
160466-54148-thumb.jpgairhaven looks pretty good from where the new sculpture of Dirty Dan Harris, the man who platted the town, lolls on a bench in the Village Green. [full story]

Dirty Dan Harris
160468-54149-thumb.jpganiel Jefferson Harris, one of the early white settlers of what would become Whatcom County, left a legacy by platting Fairhaven in 1883. [full story]

Founding moments photos
160510-54192-thumb.jpgThe Princess Sophia stopped at Citizens Dock in downtown Bellingham, circa 1916. The dock, which has since been dismantled, was Bellingham's steamship terminal from 1913 to 1937.[full story]

Early settlers looked for good lumber mill site
160530-54220-thumb.jpghe first tale of European discovery of what is now Whatcom County came in 1592. [full story]

Researchers: Dynamiters diverted Nooksack
160541-54236-thumb.jpgy the time the Bellingham Bay cities merged into the new city of Bellingham, the Whatcom County terrain had been radically changed for its first inhabitants as incoming settlers built houses and logging encampments, felled trees and blew apart logjams to make their lives and commerce easier. [full story]

Boarding schools stripped Indians' culture
160542-54237-thumb.jpgn the Lummi Reservation's cobble beach, 15 Lummi children bid farewell to their parents and siblings for the first time, piling into dugout cedar canoes bound for Chemewa Boarding School in Salem, Ore. [full story]

Immigrants peopled early bay cities
160544-54239-thumb.jpgost people who lived in the cities of Fairhaven and New Whatcom in 1900 were born in another country, or had foreign parents. [full story]

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