Letters to the Editor

Concerned by fear of refugees

I find the anti-immigration legislation soon to be proposed in Congress mean-spirited as well as poor strategy. This is simply fear-mongering by the new House Speaker. There is no need for a “pause” in the immigration program. No one who has passed Homeland Security’s scrutiny in the past decade has proven to be a terrorist. The alleged “Syrian passport” found in Paris was shown to be fake, and was probably ISIS’ ploy to generate just the kind of knee-jerk backlash we see occurring.

Letters to the Editor

Questions wisdom of road changes

Coming home from work today, I, like many others, had the experience of being lined up for blocks on Alabama Street between Cornwall and James. I don’t think many of us are surprised that contracting four lanes down to two lanes on an already busy street has caused these type of delays. Why, then, would someone decide to spend all this money and time to make traffic move more slowly, and consequentially, burn more gas and send more emissions into the air? The only answer I can come up with is this is the type of thing that happens when people in authority don’t make decisions based on reality, but instead on what they would like reality to be.

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