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Ferndale schools use tech devices to change educational approach

Ferndale School District plans to give every student a tablet or laptop within the next few years.

Vista Middle School seventh-grader Izaiah Kimber, 14, works with teacher Amy Nylen on his tablet during current events class at the school in Ferndale Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014.

Hauling world’s tallest Christmas tree in 1949 no small feat for Bellingham trucker Abner Ludtke

The mammoth Christmas tree that towered over downtown Bellingham in 1949 has justly earned a solid niche in Whatcom County history.

Rules of the Road: What’s the law on passing police car on shoulder?

Question: If there is a semi truck in the second lane preventing you from switching lanes on a two-lane highway, how much do you have to slow down to pass a police car on the shoulder?


Whatcom real estate transactions: $740,000 in Blaine is top sale

Weekly roundup of real estate sales in Whatcom County.


Defense leads Red Raiders in blowout win

Chamberlin leads Bellingham with 19


Robert Sarazin Blake sings non-traditional holiday tunes at the Green Frog

Here’s what James Hardesty, proprietor of the Green Frog, says about guitarist and songwriter Robert Sarazin Blake: “He never performs...

Bellingham’s Robert Sarazin Blake presents his annual holiday show Dec. 23 at the Green Frog.
Letters to the Editor

Would ban fences that endanger deer

Last June a neighbor of ours replaced a low, wooden fence with a tall, spiked fence. Two days after the installation, a young doe was impaled on the spikes trying to respond to her newborn fawn’s cry. The fawn eventually died as well, unable...