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Bellingham plans to convert streetlights to LEDs this year

City streets soon will look more colorful at night and be cheaper to light as staff members move to replace the city’s less-efficient street lamps with energy-saving LED lighting this year.

Bellingham hires new emergency management coordinator from Midwest

The city has hired Paul Gazdik, a young emergency manager from the Midwest, to serve as Bellingham’s new emergency management coordinator.

Several applications filed for Bellingham construction projects

Several Bellingham construction projects are going though the planning process. Here’s a roundup

Retail Tipsheet: New restaurant opens in Bellingham’s Bakerview Square

Samantha McConnell has opened a new restaurant in Bellingham and she has even bigger plans in the works.

Saturna Capital starts two funds that focus on sustainability

Bellingham-based Saturna Capital recently announced the launch of the Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund and the Saturna Sustainable Bond Fund, two mutual funds that will invest in securities that are a doing well when it comes to environment, social...

Bellingham to host conference on building healthy downtowns, preserving history

In just a few weeks, people can hear how Bellingham and other cities around the state have worked to revamp their downtowns while preserving their...

Tours of the former Washington State National Guard Armory Building, constructed of local Chuckanut sandstone and was built in 1910, will be part of  RevitalizeWA 2015 conference coming to Bellingham in May.

Upcoming business events in Bellingham

Here’s a look at some upcoming business-related events in Bellingham:

Jury awards Bellingham workers $1.3 million in back pay, damages

Owners of J&J Mongolian Grill and Spa Therapy at Bellis Fair mall paid less than minimum wage, no overtime to more than 100 employees, according to federal prosecutors.