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    Record cold, snowfall in February

    After cold and snow that set February records, southern New England entered March with another round that could push Boston over its 20-year-old snowfall record. With 102 inches, or 8 feet 6 inches, Boston needs 5.7 more to break the 1995-1996 record. Snowfall of 4 to 6 inches was expected by early...


    Moms celebrated at fashion week in Milan

    Model Bianca Balta won applause of approval as she walked down the Dolce&Gabbana runway in an advanced stage of pregnancy. It was part of the designing duo’s early Mother’s Day present to women, a collection dedicated to mom.


    Melting faster in Antarctica

    From the ground of this extreme northern part of Antarctica, a spectacular white and blinding ice seemingly extends forever. What can’t be seen is the battle raging below to reshape Earth. Water is eating away at the Antarctic ice, melting it where it hits the oceans. As the ice sheets slowly thaw...


    CPAC Gallery: Conservative voices

    Conservatives remain guided by one firm principle: Government is too big. But there’s no consensus on how to change it. “We’re not a church. It’s a mistake to somehow think there’s a book of dogma and you accept those teachings if you’re a conservative, and if you don’t, you’re not,” said Matt Schlapp...


    Who's a good doggie?

    America’s fondness for Labrador retrievers is still setting records, but bulldogs are breaking new ground. See which breeds are winning hearts in the American Kennel Club's annual rankings, which were released Thursday.


    Bolivian grandmothers stay fit with handball

    Dozens of traditional Aymara older women ease many of the aches and pains of aging by practicing a sport that is decidedly untraditional in Bolivia – team handball. Known in the Aymara language as “awichas,” or grandmothers, they arrive with their tennis shoes every Wednesday at a covered court in...


    2015 Oscars red carpet

    Stars arrive to the 87th Academy Awards.


    Frozen wonders at Niagara Falls

    An icy Niagara Falls drew a small but hardy stream of tourists Friday intent on witnessing the extraordinary crystalline spectacle.


    Baby, it's cold outside!

    Records fell along with the temperature across the eastern United States on Thursday, as the coldest air of the season surged south. Temperatures in the Upper Midwest plummeted to as much as minus-35 Thursday morning. Widespread sub-zero temperatures were recorded from North Dakota to Kentucky and...


    Fireworks and dragons for Lunar New Year

    Dragon and lion dancers are performing in bustling and noisy Chinatowns across Southeast Asian capitals, and ethnic Chinese are trooping to temples to burn incense sticks and offer prayers for the Lunar New Year. The seven-day holiday this year (the Year of the Sheep) started Wednesday. Unlike the...

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