Marvel at the night sky from Artist Point

Whatcom County has plenty of places away from bright city lights to watch celestial events, but our persistently cloudy skies often disappoint when it comes time to see a “supermoon” or an eclipse of any sort.


A political pope brings the gospel to South America

Ever since Mario Jose Bergoglio became Pope Francis in 2013, the region's political elite have beaten a path to the Vatican. Cuba's Raul Castro, Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos and Brazil's Dilma Roussef have all been granted audiences. Argentina's Cristina Fernandez has become a regular at the Holy See, visiting her countryman and one-time foe five times.


Game review: 'Whispering Willows,' lacks depth

Family can be many things to many people. It could be the driving force that makes us wake up every day at an insane time of the morning in order to better provide for others, while some may consider it a burden that stops them from achieving great things. In the case of "Whispering Willows," family means a little bit of both as players follow Elena Elkhorn on an adventure to find her father. The game itself has a long-winded story, offers uninspiring puzzles, and doesn't feel as dangerous as it should considering what's discovered.

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