Finds Bellingham fireworks ban useless


It's the afternoon of July 4th. How do I know? From the bombs bursting in air. It's still too light to see the rocket's red glare, but no doubt that will follow. But wait! I must be dreaming, didn't the benighted folks at city hall decree a ban on all fireworks? Certainly if the city is safe from sparklers, they must be safe from all exploding fireworks.

Alas, it's another feel-good bit of legislation that is as unenforceable as the previous ban on exploding devices. But hey, our fearless leaders can strut around city hall because by golly they "did something." Never mind it's as mindless as most of the stuff they ram down our throats. At least they feel good about themselves and isn't that all that really matters?

I would love to see the cessation of all exploding fireworks on my pet's behalf. But another useless law clearly isn't going to bring them peace tonight.

Neil LeMoine


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