July 17, 2014 

CUSTOMER SERVICE: You can start a subscription, pay your bill or notify us of a missed delivery online at http://bhamherald.com/subscribe. Representatives are available 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays and by telephone only 6:30 to 10 a.m. weekends and 6:30 to 9 a.m. on holidays. Call 360-676-2660 for assistance.

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OUR OFFICE: We are located on the second floor of the Herald Building at 1155 N. State St., Bellingham, WA. Customer parking is available across State Street in the lot south of the Herald Building. The office is open to the public 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

MAILING ADDRESS: 1155 N. State St., Suite 200, Bellingham, WA, 98225.

CONTACT OUR STAFF: Click on the departments below for staff names, telephone numbers and links to email.

CONTRACT CARRIER INQUIRIES: The Bellingham Herald is delivered by independent contractors. To ask about contract opportunities, send e-mail to circulation@bellinghamherald.com or call our Carrier Recruitment telephone line. 360-715-2208.

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Customer Service 360-676-2660

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Circulation Subscription Assistance Customer Service 360-676-2660
Customer Service Representative Karen Gebhardt 360-715-2223
Customer Service Representative Hope Johnson 360-756-2829


Title Name/Email Work Phone
President and Publisher Mark Owings 360-715-2211
Executive Editor Julie Shirley 360-715-2261
Advertising Director Amber Aldrich 360-756-2833


  Name/Email Work Phone
  Report error by email 360-715-2261


  Name/Email Work Phone
  Letters to the Editor 360-715-2261


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Online Editor Jim Donaldson 360-715-2288


Title Name/Email Work Phone
  Newsroom 360-676-2660
  Sports 360-715-2271
Executive Editor Julie Shirley 360-715-2261
Managing Editor Debbie Townsend 360-715-2280
Bellingham, Energy, Cherry Point and Sumas Reporter Samantha Wohlfeil 360-715-2274
Education, Everson, Nooksack Reporter Zoe Fraley 360-756-2803
Health, Environment, Social Services, Lynden and Blaine Reporter Kie Relyea 360-715-2234
Whatcom County government, Ferndale, Transportation Reporter Ralph Schwartz 360-715-2289
Public Safety, Sudden Valley Reporter Caleb Hutton 360-715-2276
Washington, D.C.-based Northwest Reporter Rob Hotakainen  
Columnist Dean Kahn 360-715-2291
Photo and Multimedia Editor Matt McDonald 360-715-2283
Photographer Philip A. Dwyer 360-715-2265
Real Estate, Economy and Business Editor Dave Gallagher 360-715-2269
Take Five Editor Andy Norstadt 360-715-2267
Arts & Entertainment Coordinator Margaret Bikman 360-715-2273
Sports and Presentation Editor David Rasbach 360-715-2271
Sports Copy Editor Colin Howser 360-715-2268
Sports Copy Editor Alex Bigelow 360-715-2238
Sports Reporter Andrew Lang 360-756-2862
Designer Cindy Kaufman 360-715-2260, ext. 375
Designer Robert Mittendorf 360-715-2260, ext. 375
Whatcom Magazine Dean Kahn 360-715-2291


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Classified ads Classified ad placement 360-676-2660
Retail Advertising Fax   360-756-2225
Advertising Director Amber Aldrich 360-756-2833
Display Advertising Manager Rusty Dodge 360-715-2248
Media Consultant, Real Estate and Automotive Nick Satushek 360-715-2292
Media Consultant Paul Wright 360-756-2869
Media Consultant, Financial and Medical Susanna Bailey 360-715-2250
Media Consultant, National and Major Accounts Jill Wyatt 360-715-2206
Media Consultant Kelsey Wylie 360-715-2251
Media Consultant Travis Kane 360-715-2202
Media Consultant, Dealsaver Cheryl Abissi 360-756-2804
Media Consultant, Digital Specialist Andrew Ward 360-715-2278
Media Coordinator, Employment Hope Johnson 360-756-2829
Media Coordinator, AdOps Caitlin Robinson 360-715-2272
Advertising and Special Projects Coordinator Melody Hitchner 360-715-2237


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Circulation/Subscription Assistance Subscription Assistance 360-676-2660
Transportation Manager Mike Firos 360-715-2219
Delivery District Manager Geary Gresham 360-715-2208
Delivery District Manager Ross Meyer 360-715-2287


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Finance Director Mark Owings 360-715-2211
Assistant Finance Director Andrea Neil 360-715-2226
Billing Coordinator Shelley Korstad 360-756-2824
Accounts Payable Bob Lagana 360-715-2228

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