Thanks Ericksen for supporting fair


Sen. Ericksen went to bat in Olympia to save the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, and so I am going to bat for him in this reelection. Washington State's Department of Revenue targeted the Lynden fair by changing their tax status. As a non-profit that is not owned by a county or city, the Lynden fair is in a unique position.

The massive new tax bill would have treated the Lynden fair differently than other fairs in Washington and could have put our local fair at risk.

Sen. Ericksen went to work using his experience by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to pass legislation to save our local fair. There is still work to be done on the tax status of regional fairs like the one in Lynden, and I know that Sen. Ericksen will go to bat for us again.

If you are at the fair this summer, be sure you say thank you to Sen. Ericksen. You will most likely find him in one of the animal barns with his daughters, who are active 4-H fair participants. See you at the fair (thanks to Sen. Ericksen).

Carol S. Henshaw


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