Unhappy with cost of oil, war


The various organizations that have estimated Iraqi civilian casualties during the war range from 110,000 to just over 1 million killed and many times that displaced from their homes. Since the official reasons for the war have been proven to be errors or lies, it is likely that Saddam was deposed and killed to prevent him from controlling the flow and the price of oil that would have to be paid by us. Our "leaders" apparently decided to kill a few hundred thousand foreigners in our name (and 5,000 or so of our soldiers) in order to have gas prices at $3 per gallon rather than at $6 per gallon. All the claims of weapons of mass destruction, of terrorists, and of Iraqi nuclear capabilities have been shown to be errors of intelligence or lies. Now similar stories circulate about Iran. After Iraq, I am not inclined to believe them.

If you were given the choice, how many citizens of Iran or other oil-rich countries would you be willing to have your country kill in order to keep your gas costs in the $3-$4 range instead of twice that amount? I plan to use my bicycle much more. It's good for my health as well as my conscience.

Richard Lewis


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