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I recently read an article about a public hearing on oil by rail transport safety that was held in Spokane. It slammed Sen. Doug Ericksen, saying he had favored the oil industry and did not allow the public equal opportunity to speak.

Let's go over the facts. Sen. Ericksen holds a hearing on safety issues in regard to oil by rail transport. He allows those who produce oil a chance to present technical data regarding to the composition of Bakken crude. He brings in people who transport oil to provide information on safety measures they are taking. He allows all people who signed up to testify, the chance to speak, and he runs the meeting late to be sure everyone gets a chance to speak. He allows more people time to speak then they were given at Gov. Inslee's climate change meeting in Spokane. Why is this portrayed as a bad thing?

Gov. Inslee is holding a series of meetings on cap and trade that could drastically increase household energy bills, but he is not allowing any public input. The governor will not advertise the meetings. They may or may not be on public TV. There is no public testimony. Why is this not in the news?

It is the governor that we need to be taking a closer look at. We must thank Sen. Doug Ericksen from the 42nd District for taking the time to hold public hearings on the important issue of oil by rail transportation safety.

Bill Henshaw


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