Sees need for term limits


Our election system isn't broken, I believe the American people themselves have handed government over to incompetent and corrupt individuals. Many registered evangelical voters don't vote. A lot of other Americans don't even bother to show up at the voting booth. Then there are the low-information drone types who will vote for anything that looks cool. No substance, just cool. Over the years a self-absorbed and dumb-as-rocks American citizenry set the direction of the country. Now I believe we have a very corrupt core government who looks out for each of themselves. They look into the cameras just like Obama does and will state with the sincerest of voices that they are looking out for the American people. No! I believe they will lie, cheat and conspire to attain and keep their power. This has happened slowly over the years by both major parties. We the people have no representation in D.C. Our votes are bought (with our own money) by the politicians who promise to bring us home the bacon.

Frankly I am not pleased with most of our politicians. We definitely need term limits to get the old guard elites out. Plus if it isn't a lifetime job, our representatives will not feel tied to special interests as much. I hope someone comes up with a way to amend our Constitution. There seems no hope that the ins will legislate any such changes.

Jim Maricle


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