Concerned Democrats didn't get job done


For 30 years, Washington state has experienced one-party control. One party that year after year offered the same leadership: If we raise taxes, then maybe we can get around to helping you.

For 30 years, Democrats have increased taxes for education but the taxes go to other government agencies. For the last six years our teachers have been asking for a cost-of-living adjustment, and the Democrats just tell them: Have your union send us money, help us get elected, and maybe we can look at an adjustment.

For 30 years, infrastructure throughout the state experienced minimal improvements. Projects were started and not finished. The lack of maintenance by the "maybe we can get to that" Democrat Party literally collapsed around them as the Skagit River bridge came tumbling down.

For the past two years, Washington has experienced real leadership. Education is being funded at a rate reflective of our paramount duty. The Skagit River bridge was rebuilt in half the time estimated and way under budget once the "maybe we can get to that" Democrat Party got out of the way.

This November do not be fooled by the Democrat plea for tax increases and false promises. They have no plans to get around to helping you or me.

Joan Dow


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