Unhappy with free meals for legislators


Since Doug Ericksen accepted the most free meals from lobbyists than any other Olympia legislator, there has been talk of fixing this problem. But the so-called fix only worsens the problem. Starting next year, Sen. Ericksen and his colleagues can not only continue to get unlimited free meals from lobbyists, but they will also get an additional $120 per day of taxpayer money for personal expenses. This would be comical if it were not so sad. A Whatcom County citizen working full time at $15 per hour only earns $120 per day. And gets no freebies from lobbyists, either.

Quite a bunch we have down there in Olympia. I think it's time to retire our freeloading Sen. Ericksen and bring him back home to earn his $120 per day.

Duane Jager


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