Ferndale seeking pro, con committee members for gas tax ballot measure


FERNDALE - The city is looking for volunteers to create pro and con statements for the penny-per-gallon gasoline tax measure that will be on the November ballot.

City Council approved sending the gas tax to voters at its meeting Monday, July 7. The tax, which would help pay for road projects in the city, would exempt the first 60,000 gallons of gas sold per month at each station within city limits.

The city is accepting applications for participants on pro and con committees that will work to write up statements about the gas tax measure for the voters' pamphlet.

City Council will appoint committee members for each side, and statements about the measure will be due by Aug. 11. Each committee can have three members, though members can select other people to serve on an advisory committee.

Applications are due at 5 p.m. Friday, July 25. To download an application, go to cityofferndale.org and click on the link for "Wanted: Border Gas Tax Ballot Measure Pro & Con Committee Members," under "Latest News."

For more information, contact City Clerk Sam Taylor at 360-685-2353 or samtaylor@cityofferndale.org.

Reach Zoe Fraley at 360-756-2803 or zoe.fraley@bellinghamherald.com.

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