Election View: Moats wants to restore America's strength, respect


My name is Ed Moats and I want to be your congressman for the 1st District. I am a conservative Republican: pro-property, pro-gun, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-business, pro-military, pro-national security, pro-oil, pro-coal, pro-agriculture, pro-energy independence.

I am endorsed by Human Life of Washington and by Clint Didier. No one else in this campaign has these endorsements.

Our nation is in deep trouble, and this election is about choices. Six years ago, President Barack Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" America. He has delivered on his promise. Six years of rule by the Obama/Democrat regime has fundamentally transformed the United States into a nation in decline, both abroad and at home.

Internationally, the feckless hashtag diplomacy of the Obama/Democrat regime has squandered our prestige and our influence. The world wonders who we have become. Supposedly at war with terrorism, the regime has delivered arms to Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria, declined to rescue our ambassador in Benghazi, lifted sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program, replenished five top Taliban commanders in Afganistan, declined to strike at ISIS while exposed to devastation from the air, and declined to protect our electrical grid from sabbotge and EMP attack,

Our weakness under Obama/Democrat regime rule has become appalling! I say "enough of this weakness! America! Let's be strong again!

Domestically, our national economy, our national security, and our individual civil liberties are all imperiled by the policies of the Obama/Democrat regime. It is the policy of the regime that America remain energy dependent upon Mideast oil, so that we continue to fund Al-Qaeda though out Mideast oil purchases. That's why the regime seeks to destroy the coal industry, suppress the oil industry, block the Keystone Pipeline, and impose the global warming hoax upon the economy. To these add the scandals of Fast and Furious, NSA hovering, IRS political targeting, invasions of religious liberty, the 2d Amendment, and the Obama/Democrat regime-orchestrated Cloward/Piven childrens' crusade across the Southwest border.

ObamaCare cannot be fixed; it must be repealed. Some say there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. But Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote. It is Republicans who seek energy independence, while Democrats block the Keystone Pipeline, suppress the oil industry, and destroy the coal industry. Obamacare is hammering small business, the primary engine of job creation in the American economy, forcing it to cut jobs and hours. We must rescue small business and the American worker from the clutches of Obamacare by the earliest possible repeal of this tragedy! The policies of the federal government are the great obstacles to the economy. Move those obstacles out of the way and the economy will come roaring back, creating millions of jobs.

My stance on immigration reform is "First secure the border, and then we'll talk about reform!" And when we talk, the principle guiding that conversation must be that the purpose of American immigration policy is to benefit America! Meanwhile, we must return to enforcement of present immigration law, which includes restoring and streamlining the H2A guest worker visa program so that farmers can promptly obtain the agricultural labor they need when they need it.

Why am I qualified to be your congressman? Congress is no place for on the job training. A congressman is a lawmaker, and that calls for a specific skillset. A lawmaker should have a solid grounding in law, legal process, legislation and legislative process. I possess that skillset and I am the only in this race - republican or democrat -- who does. My law degree from Case Western Reserve University and experience as a trial lawyer in the states of Colorado and Missouri plus experience as legislative staff in the state of Washington with the state House and with John Koster provide me that grounding.

I also have master's degrees in mathematics and philosophy, and have employed those credentials plus my law degree in teaching in various colleges and community colleges around Washington state.

I am running for Congress to restore the strength we once had and can have again. Please join my campaign to restore strength and respect to America that we may once again be an influence for positive change and freedom in this world!


This is one of a series of commentaries from candidates in the Aug. 5 primary election. Ed Moats, R., is a candidate for U.S. Representative for the 1st Congressional District. The top two vote getters in the primary will be on the Nov. 4 general election ballot. The 1st District includes nearly all of Whatcom County outside Bellingham, plus portions of King, Snohomish and Skagit counties.

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