Suggests aspirin research for cancer


Thank you for your article "Study: Aspirin cuts the risk of pancreatic cancer by half." This is important news which deserves the widest possible dissemination. I hope your readers will take it very seriously.

I volunteer with several ovarian cancer research programs and, although completely lacking a biology background, I have been reading as much cancer-related literature as I can find and understand for the last two years. I have run on reports of a number of clinical trials that demonstrate - to me, persuasively - that aspirin somehow lowers the risk of acquiring various types of cancer. I write a blog about my often-comical efforts to help out in a field I know next to nothing about. The aspirin-cancer link has come up several times.

In my opinion, it is all but certain that aspirin is a potent cancer-fighting drug. It also is cheap, ubiquitous and easy to administer. Yes, it has its serious side effects, as your article describes, so nobody should simply rush to the drug store and begin gulping down fistfuls of aspirin without first consulting a physician. On the other hand, I hope that research findings such as these begin to diffuse into clinical practice more swiftly than has sometimes been the case.

Myrl Beck


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