Unhappy with Ferndale Council


When I return from communist Poland to the USA, we purchase the house. Since 2005, after many attempts, we secured permits in 2010. The permitted work started but, paradoxically, I believe the city began a pattern of harassment and any continuation of the work met with numerous criminal or civil charges. Currently the City of Ferndale has launched a public relations campaign be former Bellingham Herald reporter Sam Taylor. Mr. Taylor, the City Clerk and information officer who I believe is painting us in an unfavorable light, serves at the sole discretion of the mayor, Gary Jensen.

In 2011 our son, Norbert, challenged Gary Jensen for mayor and what we believe to be retribution directed at us by the City of Ferndale increased markedly.

The latest action has been the City Council's adoption of new rules allowing members to be barred from executive sessions. This action is based only on "appearance" of conflict of interest and was directed at a council member who has been friendly to us. Following the precedent set by this new rule, I have requested all council members, and staff, to voluntarily "recuse" themselves from any "quasi-judicial" process involving my family and the City of Ferndale.

America is a great country, with an honest and fair system. What I believe to be the abuse of power and disregard of obligations and trust by City of Ferndale officials is a dangerous precedent.

Artur Rojsza


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