Unhappy with political choices


I believe Republican politicians believe that global climate change is a hoax, same-sex attraction and marriage is pathological, there is nothing wrong with mentally and socially ill people owning guns, providing health care for everyone is a bad idea because the hard workers pay for the lazy; it's important to allow the super rich to become even richer; the masterminds who orchestrated the housing and Wall Street crashes don't deserve to be punished, but someone smoking marijuana does.

I believe these same politicians want to slam the door on immigration and turn a blind eye to what the price of produce would be without illegal workers. Women should not be allowed healthcare choices such as abortion. Poor women with unwanted babies should not be provided social services for their children.

Everything Barack Obama does is bad. If he negotiates the release of an American soldier held by the Afghans, it's a bad thing. If he had the opportunity to do this and didn't, it would have been a bad thing.

Canada has a growing middle class. Ours is shrinking. European governments pay for what we worry about. Health care, education, and retirement are all largely covered by government programs. This is bad.

Taxing the rich as much as Ronald Reagan did would pay for many of these programs.

Avoiding war would pay for the rest. Would we have invaded Iraq if it had no oil?

Is this all okay?

Harvey Schwartz


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