Unhappy with laws for different drugs


Why are the rules different for the safer choice of recreational drug, the now-legal, completely non-toxic cannabis/marijuana, than for other legal recreational drugs? Cannabis use does not induce violent behavior in people or destroy brain cells as alcohol does. It also does not impair one enough to make driving unsafe after an hour or so from ingestion (look up all the studies for yourself, using marijuana is safer than using alcohol, it's even safer than using aspirin. Marijuana, no deaths, ever; aspirin, 180 to 1,000-plus deaths per year; alcohol, over 25,000 deaths per year).

The law now says that we are banned from use of cannabis in any public place, even our own front porch, and from privately owned businesses indoors. Yet, there are hundreds of establishments in Whatcom County alone where alcohol is used publicly; and smoking tobacco, because it is banned from all buildings (I believe an unconstitutional removal of the property rights of the owners of those buildings and the owners of the businesses within), tobacco smokers must do their smoking outside in full view of any passersby, children and adults. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

Gail Wiltse


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